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Katie Nixon

Ever since I was a little kid I have been spoiled with fresh food from the garden. My father always had a big plot of land under cultivation and I knew what tomatoes were supposed to taste like! When I went to college, I found "my people" and my community in the student-run farm- "The Outback Farm." Since graduating from college, I have been able to experience agriculture and sustainable living in many countries. Every country I lived in was a wonderful learning experience, but it never felt like home. And so after being gone for over 12 years, I found myself back in Kansas City. I immersed myself in the good food movement taking place in the land I was born and it felt like home. Not long after I meet my fellow farm and life partner, Ken. Farming has been one of my greatest challenges, but also offers so many rewards. I continue to be engaged in the good food community that is working hard to scale up local food production and help the farming community realize economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


HS: Bishop Miege High School
Western Washington University
P.L.A.N.E.T. Organic- New Zealand 

Recent Work (other than farming):

  • Food Systems Specialist- West Central Missouri Community Action Agency  (present)

  • Farmer Owner/President Board of Directors- The Kansas City Food Hub (formally Fresh Farm HQ), cooperative food hub serving the KC region (present)-

  • Producer Network Development Specialist- Lincoln University Cooperative Extension

  • Small Farm Specialist- LUCE


Ken Barber

1st farm experience- “My grandparents had a small family farm when I was growing up. I spent a lot of summers and holidays there until they moved into town. Even in town, they had a couple of acres, and still grew a lot of food. My grandfather talked to me about plant health and nutrition a lot. He believed that these came together, from strong, healthy soil, which was built largely with good compost and minimal tillage.”


HS- barely, 1980.
BS- Pathobiology, College of Agriculture, University of Connecticut, 1989.
MS- Zoology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, U of Connecticut, 1992.
MSEL- Master’s Studies in Environmental Law, Vermont Law School, 2002.


Field Biologist- Life cycles of avian parasites in New England; life cycle studies and molecular analysis of the parasites of cattle and humans in Kenya; parasites of sharks and rays from Long Island, Florida Keys, Belize, California, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal.

Laboratory Biologist- Researched parasite morphology, electron microscopy, and molecular sequencing and analysis.

Biology Instructor- Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, General Biology, other stuff, part-time/full-time until 2010 (I finally got out!).